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About Nate




Entertainment For All

Are you ready for an evening of hilarious, hypnotic histrionics?  Looking for a new flavor of entertainment?  Master hypnotist Nate McVicker has the answer for you.  He has performed his comical show for thousands of amazed and delighted audiences.  The audiences all have one thing in common, they want to know when they can book him again!

His show relies on audience participation, and that is exactly what he gets.  Members of the audience dash on stage in order to get a chance to be hypnotized by one of the best hypnotists ever.  If you get on stage quickly enough you may be among the lucky ones who end up taking a fantasy trip into relaxation.  If you are more the sedate type, you may remain in the audience and enjoy watching your friends become the entertainers of the show.  Invariably, they will travel from intense seriousness to profound laughter while they fulfill the "hypnotic" fantasies suggested on stage.

Nate is a certified hypnotist and has entertained thousands of people.  He has done shows for several comedy clubs, casinos, corporations, schools, universities, and fund raisers.  Nate has frequently been asked to return to do another show for several of his past audiences.  His unique hypnosis comedy show has taken him to several locations throughout the country.

During all of his performances every audience enjoys world-class style, professionalism, and a high-energy, hilarious show!  He is well-known for his showmanship and his ability to bring out hidden talents of his willing participants.  He wants his audiences walking out of the show and talking for days about the performance.

Nate believes that if you want to be a success you must be determined to be among the best.  If you have ever seen one of Nate's shows you will agree that he is one of the best hypnotists in the business.  It is quite apparent that this entertainer enjoys performing for the crowds and working with the participants.

In comedy clubs customers discover that they can return to see several shows Nate puts on due to different people on stage.  Reactions to his many innovative routines differ with the volunteers on stage.  This insures that every show is unique with everyone wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to see this highly entertaining show!