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The Show




Take a deep breath and as you exhale slowly, relax and imagine a show that combines the spontaneity of improvisational comedy, the simplicity of mime, the mystique of magic, and the fears and aspirations of amateur night.  This is the type of show that Nate McVicker conducts.  His explanation of what is going on to take place sounds so appealing that the stage soon swarms with volunteers.

After Nate briefly explains hypnosis he asks for volunteers straight out of the audience.  Whoever is willing to do so may come on stage and take a fantasy trip into hypnosis.  However, you better come early and get a close seat to the stage as you will see it fills up in no time!  The volunteers are then put through a fast hypnosis process and the show begins.  They experience a jet ride to the beautiful Bahama Islands, while on the jet the environment gets extremely hot and then extremely cold.  They are turned into famous personalities, sexy strippers, and more all to the approval and delight of the cheering audience.  Nate conducts his show with good judgment, compassion, and respect for his subjects.  He makes his subjects the stars of the show and does it with class and style.  Try to resist having fun; you will find it impossible to do.  You will find yourself spellbound with interest while having tears of laughter in your eyes!

Here are brief descriptions of just a few of his many popular past routines.  (You may give requests.  The antics of the participants are powerfully funny and must be seen and heard to be fully appreciated.)

bulletFoul smelling neighbors:  They suddenly remember the raunchiest smell they have ever encountered.  It is now coming from the person sitting right next to them.  They react accordingly and describe the offending odor.
bulletForgetting names:  They cannot remember their own names or anyone else's.
bulletPregnant men:  The men think they are actually pregnant and about ready to give birth!  They will then nurse the baby while others help assist and give support.
bulletEating fruit:  Watch closely as your friend eats a lemon while thinking it is an apple.  The subject will love the lemon and not pucker at all!
bulletMartian people:  The people now only speak their own form of Martian language.  One person will be an interpreter and tell the audience what the Martians are saying.
bulletCelebrities:  Watch your close friend or colleague instantly become famous singers or celebrities such as Bob Seger, Pee Wee Herman, Richard Simmons, and Michael Jackson.  They will entertain the audience as if they were performing in front of thousands!

The routines are interlaced with the spontaneity of outrageous comments by the volunteers.  Nate's show is adeptly guided according to the participant personalities, the formality of the occasion and what the particular audience demands.  He easily can do shows that are "squeaky clean" for family or religious groups to slightly suggestive for the corporate level to risque (but not vulgar) shows for the nightclub crowds.  Whatever kind of show you are looking for, Nate McVicker is totally astonishing!

There are no swinging pendulums.  No droning voice saying, "You are getting sleepy."  Everything is on a fast beat pace allowing no time for the audience to dose off.  They are too busy wiping tears of laughter from their eyes.  When the subjects are brought of hypnosis, Nate always makes sure they feel refreshed and alert.  This original and hilarious show can be enjoyed by every type of audience from 100 to 10,000.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to see this highly entertaining show!